Venture 100 release a statement on focus based habit to accelerate productivity


Cardiff’s direct sales and marketing firm Venture 100 is at the forefront of the industry in the city; the firm has placed this in part down to their strong business development programme in which contractors can develop their professional skills. The company runs a number of seminars and workshops in preparation for providing opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to become dynamic leaders of the industry future.

Venture 100 understands that focus and motivation is an aspect many professionals struggle with until they are able to develop their own rituals and habits that help process tunnel vision in a professional environment. As such, the firm has revealed the most useful processes to detail with a lack of focus.

Rephrasing Goals as Outcomes: Venture 100 advise that goals must be specified, rather than generalised to create a detailed sense of motivation. The firm advocates that articulating a goal as an outcome will help the individual to see the projected result should they achieve their target, subsequently increasing focus.

Reflect on Recent Success: The firm explores how managing this point through the use of “The Four L’s” will contribute to ultimate success. Identifying what has been ‘Loved’, ‘Loathed’, ‘Longed For’ and ‘Learned’ during a recent project will help assess recent success, and what needs to be modified during the next project, campaign, or meeting.

Invest in Motivational Relationships: Venture 100 detail how all contractors at the firm are dynamic individuals, focused on the development of their entrepreneurial journeys. The company advise how individuals of similar mindsets can motivate and spur one another on in their professional lives, contributing to progressive debates, exploring failures and successes, and investing time into a student mentality based company culture.

Assess what is Not Being Accomplished: Venture 100 states the importance of self-evaluating within professional lives. The importance of recognising what is essential during a project or goal and why it is vital and can often get misconstrued during extensive periods and taking the time to evaluate with improved focus states Venture 100.

Venture 100 continues to encourage their contractors to contribute to their self-development, to prepare themselves for the uncertain journey of entrepreneurship. The firm is Cardiff’s bright direct sales and marketing firm and is excited about the following months and the opportunities they can provide to their dedicated young professionals.

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