Managing Director at Venture 100 Reveals How He Boosts Company Happiness


After a study named millennials the happiest generation in the workplace, Matt Vella, Managing Director at Sales and marketing firm Venture 100, revealed his strategies for keeping morale high.  

According to a survey conducted by recruitment firm Robert Half, the millennial generation are the happiest workers. The research concluded that just 8% of 18-34-year olds feel that they are unhappy at work, which is less than half of those reported to be unhappy at work between 35-49 years old.  

The millennial generation is more innovative and eager to try new things to stay challenged, which will go far to contributing to their level of happiness at work.  Individuals who are more productive, with a positive outlook about work are happier and more productive; the survey found that happy workers are 12% more productive than unhappy individuals, illustrating the impact happiness in the workplace has on a company’s productivity.  

Matt Vella is driving high morale at Venture 100 by implementing some strategies to ensure happiness and high levels of productivity.  For example, rewards are given for different types of achievements, along with regular companywide events and activities to boost the team spirit.  

Venture 100 is keen to drive this increase in morale and performance by working on new events and competitions to engage contractors. These happiness strategies implemented by the firm will be beneficial to aspiring entrepreneurs beginning their journey within the sales and marketing industry because they will see the benefits that a happy workforce has on the success of a company.   

Based in Cardiff, Venture 100 ‘brings enthusiasm, passion and creative flair to the marketing world’. The firm is proud of their productive company culture, in which individuals work in a happy environment.  

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