Venture 100 details their expected social media trends for 2018


 Cardiff’s innovative sales and marketing firm, Venture 100 are excited about the future of the industry in 2018, with a particular focus on the ever-adapting social media technology. The company are eager to share their thoughts on social media trends, in the hopes they can continue their lead if the industry in their native city.  

Augmented Reality: The firm detail that with the release of the latest mobile phones in which augmented reality features are more accessible than ever before. The next twelve months are sure to see this transcribe across multiple forms of media, creating a substantial impact on the gaming, social media, and marketing industries. Venture 100 is excited about the prospect this will hold in the marketing sector, and how individuals may be able to project products and media into their homes eventually.  

Influencer Marketing: Over the course of 2017 influencer marketing saw a huge spike in popularity, with trends set to continue well into the new year. Many larger companies led the way in 2017, opening the way up for small business to connect with consumers through their already existing audiences.  

A focus on Generation Z: Recent research has suggested that the oldest individuals from Generation Z are 22 years old and beginning to enter the job market, along with this comes their increased consumer power and the ability to shape the customer market. Venture 100 advise companies to recognise this new market and invest in their second nature: social media platforms.  

Live Streaming: Over recent months the act of live streaming on social media has seen huge popularity, with both consumers and celebrity figures capturing the attention of followers. Venture 100 advise that the act of live streaming must be done with a sense of uniqueness to attract consumer attention. The firm recommends that brands must begin to recognise the power of live streaming and incorporate it into their campaigns.  

Venture 100 is hopeful that their latest statement on the future of the social media industry will be beneficial to aspiring entrepreneurs beginning their journey within the sales and marketing industry, with extra knowledge behind them they can shape their future. The firm is excited for the next twelve months, and all the opportunities 2018 will bring, along with the development of technologies that can be directly applied to the sales sector.  



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