Venture 100 Discuss Goals and Potential Further Expansion in Q2 of 2018


Venture 100 is the Cardiff based direct sales and marketing firm that has recently taken their domination of the industry to Liverpool. The company has seen rapid expansion since their inception and is showing no signs of slowing in their quest to the top. Managing Director, Matt Vella is excited about the future of the company and is planning a number of exciting endeavours.

After only three months into 2018, Venture 100 has already seen one expansion into Liverpool, with many further ones in the pipeline for Q2 of the year. The company is planning to dominate the northern area of the country and is excited for the new challenges this will bring. The future of the firm is set to bring with it further opportunities for growth, development and education for not only the Managing Director but also the contractors.

In preparation for Q2 and a prospected expansion into Manchester, the company has devised a list of areas that require substantial focus when considering or implementing a company expansion. As experts in the field, Venture 100 is eager to advise other companies on how to ensure their extensions result in success.

Ensuring a company reinvests in their brand is an essential aspect of expansion that should remain at the forefront of a brand mission. Investing in company resources will help to meet new consumer demand. Venture 100 are eager to explore advancing technology within the industry and are excited about the way they will be able to enhance consumer and client relations.

Venture 100 are eager to ensure communication remains at the forefront of the brand ethos during such expansions, and this will help to ensure feedback is constant between sites, as well as providing such moves run smoothly with minimal disruption to clients and consumers.

Venture 100 is excited to begin processes for achieving their professional goals for 2018, with a primary mission of developing the brand to dominate the industry in not only their native Cardiff but the northern area of the UK. The firm is planning further expansions by the end of year into Essex and Newcastle. Venture 100 has a variety of prospects in place for their contractors that will come in hand with further expansions, as the firm are strong advocates of putting time and knowledge into the development of their contractors.


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