Venture 100 explores lessons of success and failure from the technology company, Nokia.


Venture 100 is a Cardiff based direct sales and marketing firm that has a strong company focus on the change and development of the industry, and how it can frequently incorporate this into its contractor’s skills and qualities. The firm has been running recent morning meetings focused on how ‘not to become a Nokia.’  

Managing Director, Matt Vella has been running recent motivation meetings on the rise and fall of the mobile developer, Nokia. The brand was showing extensive growth in the industry from the 80s and was the leading mobile creator for over ten years, boasting a $50bn company title and the prominent Forbes cover photo. The firm was possessing an impressive 60% ownership of the mobile phone market across the nation before 2007.  

Venture 100 explores the fall of Nokia, detailing how the failure to keep up with the development of the industry, caused them to fall far behind as the innovative technology company, allowing Apple to take the lead. It was not too long before Microsoft bought out the company after its near bankruptcy, and now only 2% of all phones are a Nokia model. Venture 100 Managing Director, Matt Vella explores that “The message is that change is tough, but it is key to success, continuous development, studying and learning is the root of progress and ultimate success.”  

The firm is a keen activist of ensuring change is a frequent aspect of business, seeing it as essential, eager to heed lessons from technology brand, Nokia and not get left behind. The company believes in an experimental environment, learning lessons from trials for improvement, in processes and experience. Venture 100 is always keeping its brand mission in mind during all potential changes within the business, ensuring it remains an integral part of every day, solidifying that all changes will have a direct positive effect on the company, even if the move proves unfruitful, lessons will be learnt.  

Venture 100 explore the necessity of change within all industries, eager to remain at the forefront of the sales and marketing sector, boasting the most dynamic and motivated contractors that are keen to adopt this student mentality mindset. 



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