Venture 100 sees Huge Success in Q1 with Recent Expansion to Liverpool


Direct sales and marketing firm Venture 100 are the Cardiff based company that is seeing dramatic success after a recent expansion to Liverpool. The firm boasts a ‘personalised unique approach by getting in front of customers on face to face basis’ which can in part be put down to their recent development into Liverpool.


Liverpool is now detailed as a booming economic hub outside of London and has seen a number of successful companies take their expansion to the city. Liverpool has seen a considerable amount of recent business ventures ranging from dynamic start-ups to big-name companies taking on the city to explore the northern area of the UK.


In response to their recent expansion, Venture 100 has detailed a variety of aspects to consider for other start-up business owners when planning and executing a business expansion, whether this is another location, different city or even overseas. The company is eager to see other businesses succeed in the current uncertain economic climate.


Is this expansion necessary? Many businesses often expand to prove their worth, but it is a  challenge states Venture 100. An extension should be an essential move, due to the demand from clients and consumers and should not be taken on lightly. Many businesses struggle with the demand and pressure from expansion, while also keeping the company in pole position. An area in which Venture 100 now has proven success.


Ensure HQ remains content: Although a business expansion is an exciting time, it is important to remember the needs and development of those staying at initials sites explore Venture 100. The firm detail how this is a perfect time to outline roles, discuss professional development and preparation.


Understand your consumers: A recent study found that many young businesses risk losing momentum. Venture 100 detail how this can be tackled by ensuring the loyalty of a consumer base, understanding what they are demanding and how this can be met.

Venture 100 are excited about their business development that has been required by massive demand from their clients and consumers after their recent success. The firm is planning many further business development opportunities that are concerning not only the company but also their contractors.



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