Venture 100 takes lessons of determination from entrepreneur Elon Musk, to shape the future of the sales and marketing industry.


Venture 100 has seen massive levels of success over the course of 2017 and is excited for the next twelve months. The firm has been looking to entrepreneur Elon Musk for inspiration on tackling the New Year. The hugely successful business owner has faced his own set of criticism over the last few months, many individuals attempting to prove his technological aspirations unachievable, once again Elon Musk has proved them wrong.  

In preparation for taking lessons of determination from Elon Musk, Venture 100 has researched three aspects the entrepreneur has in part credited his success, in hopes the firm’s young professionals will head the lessons in their own professional lives.  

Focus on more than one field: Although consensus advises aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in one area, and become an expert. Venture 100 are taking inspiration from Musk, encouraging their contractors to become involved in many aspects of the sales and marketing industry. Helping the aspiring entrepreneurs and the company to delve into many elements, ranging from active communication to technology. The firm is excited for 2018, and all the opportunities it is sure to bring.  

Learn to transfer knowledge: It is widely explored how Musk is inclined to read books on a variety of topics, ranging from religion to programming. Venture 100 is excited to incorporate this into their daily practising, perfecting the ability to transfer knowledge from one discipline to another, with a particular focus on the marketing sector.  

Explore and Reconstruct: Elon Musk credits his extensive knowledge to this two-step process. The exploring aspect relates to investigating a variety of different approaches, deconstructing each one and then comparing them. Secondly, Musk reconstructs principles he has previously learnt from separate fields. Venture 100 is eager to encourage young professionals to incorporate this, asking themselves “what does this remind me of”, to help them propel their professional success.  

Managing Director Matt Vella states “Elon Musk owner of Tesla and SpaceX has achieved incredible amounts in 2017 and many people have attempted to prove him wrong, at Venture 100, we’re trying to take that forward ourselves and find inspiration on how we can leave our own mark on 2018 while fighting adversary.” Venture 100 is continually taking inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, to stay ahead of the field in the sale and marketing sector.  

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